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Another world record for Big B November 2, 2006

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Big B creates cinematic record by giving 23 scenes in 5 hours

Is there no end to Amitabh Bachchan’s zest for life and work? Barely weeks after his 64th birthday the Big B continues to stun friends, admirers and well-wishers with his gusto and energy level.

On Tuesday he shocked the entire unit of Apoorva Lakhia’s Shoot-Out At Lohkandwala by completing 23 scenes in 5 hours….an unheard-of feat in any part of the world.

Reveals Lakhia, “In one word, we were speechless. In fact the other cast members got tired . But Amitji just went on almost uninterrupted. I asked Arbaaz Khan to take a break. But watching Amitji he was totally enthused into pushing himself beyond his limits. That’s the kind of impact Amitji has on the entire unit. When you see this 64-year old wizard out-doing everyone’s energy level you kind of pull up your socks and go for it.”

Lakhia admits he never caeses to be amazed bu the actor. “Each time, Amitji does something unimaginable we wonder how he’ll break his own record next. This time he out-did himself. He was kind enough to give me four of his precious days to complete my entire work with him. We finished in just two days!”

Lakhia stops to marvel at a phenomenon that defies analysis. “Besides his unmatchable zest for his work, there’s another reason why Amitji is the quickest and most time-conscious actor in country. He knows every minute detail about camera angles, frame positioning and shot composition. When he goes in front of the camera he’s not just fully prepared, he’s also mentally completed the shot even before it has started. Now do you know why he is who he is?”

Tell the Big B that 23 scenes in five hours is a world record, and he brushes off the compliment in his usual self-deprecating way. “It’s nothing . It’s just work. And it’s for a friend Apoorva Lakhia whom both Abhishek and I are very fond of.”



1. ss70 - November 30, 2006

I think he is legend only I wish that he should not bring his stature down by doing similar roles which he did in KANK and planning to do in Sholay as Gabbar

beautiful and sexy indian actress

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